Reasons why meaningful art can change your daily happiness

Meaningful art has the ability to make you happy. And there's so much to art than Renaissance paintings in museums. You are constantly surrounded by art and even interact with art pieces on a daily basis.

How does art boost our moods? This question is so significant that it has been taken up in several scientific studies. Scientists have established a relationship between creative arts and improved health outcomes. 

 Note that good health is more than the absence of disease. Holistic health is all about your physical, mental, and social well-being. Just by engaging with the creative efforts of another person, there is a real chance that you can enhance your moods, physiological states, and emotions.


Here are more reasons why meaningful art impacts daily happiness: 

Reason 1: Meaningful art can make you more productive 

If you take a walk around the top corporate offices, you’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful art pieces. They are more than decor items. It's been documented that art in the office boosts productivity and improves the moods of the staff, according to Dr.Craig King. He spent 12 years at the University of Exeter studying the psychology of working environments. 

Well, working in a blunt and plain environment is not good for the spirit! 


Meaningful art engages with you on a much deeper level and offers the best distraction when working, unlike social media. It’s also empowering and motivating. It even gets better if you get to pick the art pieces that are to be featured in your work surroundings. 


2: Meaningful art helps us to be more creative

Becoming more creative daily provides an overall boost to your well-being. Numerous studies have found that engaging in creative endeavours has a happy and energizing effect. You likely feel at the top of the world whenever you solve a problem creatively.

So, how does art make you creative? Primarily, art is an alternative way of self-expression. Artists who produce remarkable paintings, for instance, get to express complex themes, emotions, stories, and messages without using words. Beautiful Mozart compositions convey ideas without pictures.

You learn from art every time you engage with it. And in the process, you develop your sense of expressing yourself.


3: Art relieves stress 

Looking for an avenue of reducing the anxiety and stress you may be feeling? Directly engage in the creation of an art piece. For instance, painting therapy is so effective that it’s prescribed to people dealing with progressive neurological diseases such as dementia or at their end of life.  


At Faith for ALL, we are utilizing digital photomicrography to create meaningful art. We have engaged in fun projects such as taking microscopic images of Holy Water to reveal never-see before imagery of God’s work that’s showcased on our masks, jewelry, lighting and apparel. 


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