Faith For All; a groundbreaking concept in design, creating faith-based images that have never been seen before.

Photomicrography is the spectacular use of photography to capture images in a microscope that dates back to the invention of the photographic process. Faith for All is the first company to place faith-based micro-images from authentic religious art, symbols, and elements onto face masks, bracelets and more to contribute to a better world. Using photomicrography, we’ve been able to show you never-before-seen explosions of crystallized patterns and vibrant colors..

Within different objects of faith come sentimental value, now you can choose from wearing a piece of Rosary Beads, Holy Water, the Masada Rock, and more every day. These pieces hold sentimental value in each faith, let each one protect you in a 2021 way.

These unique images could not have been possible without BioBus NYC. Their mission is to help those in underserved communities pursue science. Together, we are bringing science, education, and faith together. For more on BioBus, visit our BioBus page.

Ben Durbin Photo

"BioBus is thrilled to be the scientific lab that will bring these never-before-seen images to life as they first appeared under the microscope. We’re equally excited to be working with Irwin and his team, knowing that each image that we photograph will offer a priceless element to each product created. I can’t think of a better way to express oneself while helping to raise funds for BioBus and other worthy causes."

- Ben Durbin, BioBus Founder & Executive Director


Creating our Purity bracelet, a design inspired by a sample of blessed holy water.

Holy water under microscope
Holy water magnified on computer screen
Finished Purity Bracelet