Faith, fortitude, and family are our central guiding values.

For countless people worldwide, faith is a powerful source of and cornerstone for a sense of identity and community. Specifically, religious faith provides value, a deeper perspective toward one's relationships, moral and ethical convictions, hopes and dreams, and definitions of success. Over the past decade, the world has experienced financial crises, a myriad of natural disasters, and other tragedies.

Where do people turn during times of turmoil? Their faith.

Now more than ever, faith provides direction, enlightenment and inspiration.

While the team at Faith for ALL comes from all different backgrounds and beliefs, together we have created a truly unique lifestyle brand. Our never-before-seen faith-based images are created from symbolic items and elements of various faiths.

Our goal is to bring people together with faith-based expression.

Whether worn in quiet confidence or as a talking piece, each design offers a uniquely personal way to celebrate and deepen one's faith. All of our jewelry is designed lovingly and reverently with thoughtfulness, research, and collaborative artistry.

With different articles of faith come specific sentimental values.

Like your faith, our collections are growing and evolving every day.

Check back for new offerings.

Our founder, world-class philanthropist

Irwin Sternberg

Irwin began his journey through business and philanthropy producing neckwear for be,tter retailers such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's. Later his small company Stonehenge became one of the first major manufactures to transpose artwork onto neckwear, specifically the work of the Grateful Dead guitarist and singer Jerry Garcia. By the end of the first year and according to the New York Times, the Jerry Garcia collection became the best-selling ties in the history of neckwear to this date.
Sternberg went on to develop neckwear for other musical icons such as Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis, and shortly thereafter created additional fashion statements that would benefit great cause-related organizations. His ”Jimmy V Collection” (named for the late NC State basketball coach Jim Valvano) raised more than $1 million for the Jimmy V Foundation, and his “Cocktail Collection” raised more than $2 million for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Irwin has been recognized on many different broadcast and in editorials worldwide such as 60 Minutes, the CNN Business News, The BBC News, People Magazine and MR Magazine, the Menswear Industries Journal honored Sternberg as one of the most fascinating people in menswear. Both Ernst & Young and the University of Baltimore honored Sternberg with an Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Advertising Age named him one of the Top 100 Companies and he was honored Father of the Year by the The National Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

Ben Dubin-Thaler, Ph.D. Founder and Executive Director, BioBus

Founder and Executive Director, created the BioBus in 2008 after completing his Ph.D. in Biology as well as his B.A. in Physics and Mathematics at Columbia University. Dr. Ben, as he is known to students aboard the BioBus, started BioBus as an experiment to test his hypothesis that, given the opportunity to use research microscopes to perform hands-on experiments, anyone would be excited about science and want to do more. Ben and his team created a new kind of laboratory space that is empowering, accessible and un-intimidating, and that facilitates scientific engagement amongst populations historically underrepresented in science professions. Ben, now a recognized nonprofit and science education leader who is regularly invited to speak and consult for other organizations, hopes to create a future in which people from all cultures and backgrounds have equal opportunities to practice and understand science. Ben is a former Mobile Lab Coalition board member.