Michael Davidson

Florida State High Magnet Field Lab

Michael Davidson’s photomicrography photographs have won more than 40 awards in the science and industrial competitions. His photomicrographs has appeared on the covers of 600 scientific industrial and popular periodicals and books including Nature Science Physics World, Physics Today, Popular Science, Scientific America, National Geographic, America Art Discovery.

Davidson’s work has appeared on CNN, MTV, Good Morning America, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and How’d They Do That

Norm J. Barker

Professor of Pathology and Arts
John Hopkins University, School of Medicine

Norm Barker is a Professor of Pathology and Arts as Applied to Medicine at the John’s Hopkins University, School of Medicine. He specializes in photo microscopy, macro and natural science photography. Norm is the Director of Pathology, Photography and Arts Laboratory. He is a Register Biological Photographer and a Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society as well the Biocommunication Association.

Ben Durbin

Founder & Executive Director Bio Bus

I became a scientist largely because of how beautiful my mysterious images from microscope’s can be. Bio Bus is thrilled to be working with Irwin and his team to get this beauty out there and inspire the next generation of scientists and get everyone interested in science.